May Island Ferry Wreck




Location: A small shipwreck of a ferry located on the north side of May Island just off the west coast of Quadra Island and north of Steep Island


Type: Boat and wreck dive


GPS: 50.09079, -125.25771


History: The May Island Ferry shipwreck is a unique dive and great oportunity to investigate a piece of West Coast history. The ferry orginally worked a route between Quadra Island and several smaller islands around the area. It sunk the first time in poor weather conditions and was raised, repaired, and put back into service shortly after. It sank for the second time in bad weather and was again rasied and anchored just off Quadra Island to sell for scrap. The ferry however, broke free of her anchor and sank at May Island. The ferry is 180 ft. (54 m.) in length and about 40 ft. (12 m.) wide.


Above Water: This wreck is just below the water line and at low tide most of the bow and starboard side is out of the water. 


Underwater: The ship sits in about 50 ft. (15 m.) of water on her port side. Over the years, the surge, wind, and storms have eaten away at her hull making for some unique areas within the ship. The large single prop is still attached and makes for a cool photo opportunity. The wreck is home to a wide variety of marine life: many species of sponge and tunicates have encrusted the hull and most of the wreck is covered with large Plumose Anemones. There are no real penatration points on the wreck.  


Hazards: Current, boat traffic and the wreck itself. Go with a charter operator who knows the area very well.


May Island Ferry Shipwreck Images