Willis Point


Location: Small quiet dive site just south of Brentwood Bay. Take Wallace Drive south from West Saanich Road, and turn left onto Willis Point Road. Follow Willis Point Road up through Mount Work Regional Park, and into Willis Point. At the T-intersection, turn right, and follow the road until there is a break in the trees and a fire road that leads to the water.


Type: Shore dive.


GPS: 48° 34.7' N 123° 29.1' W


Above Water: Park on either side of the fire road or on the road. DO NOT PARK IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE FIRE ROAD. Walk down the path to the water. Decend in the small bay or use the floating marker a little ways off shore.


Underwater: Willis Point is a great wall dive. The sheer wall starts in about 30 ft. (10 m.) and drops down to 130 ft. (40 m.) if you swim to the left. To the right are smaller walls and a rocky substrate that house the typical Saanich Inlet marine life along with wolf eels. This site is excellent for beginner divers to practice their deep diving skills, and is a very popular place for tec divers.


Hazards: Boat traffic but not much else. The tow truck, if you park in the middle of the fire road!!