Wide Angle Underwater Photography

Basic to Advanced Wide Angle Underwater Photography

Although the ocean is teeming with strange and beautiful macro subjects that could keep a photographer busy for many lifetimes, wide angle photography usually includes the water itself as an element of the composition, which presents the unique opportunity to capture the ocean and its inhabitants in all its majestic splendor.   

Wide angle underwater photography can be tricky at first, but with a little practice it can also be extremely rewarding. The possibilities for creative compositions and lighting styles are endless. So grab a dome port and capture the underwater world! 


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Introduction to Wide Angle Underwater
Generally, any lens with a focal length less than the equivalent of 35mm is considered wide angle.
Equipment For Wide Angle Underwater
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Lighting Guide To Underwater Wide Angle
Wide angle underwater photography requires a particular approach to lighting. Learn how
A guide to metering for underwater wide angle photography
Wide Angle Tips and Techniques
Shooting wide is both challenging and rewarding. You have learned that it requires attention to both the foreground and background and how the two work together to become a cohesive striking image....