End of the Road - Whiskey Point


Location: Located just off Whiskey Point itself at the entrance to Quathiaski Cove.


Type: Boat and drift dive.


GPS: Unavailable at this time.


Above water: The dive is a short distance off the actual point.


Underwater: The biggest draw of this site is the resident wolfeels. There is however much more to see: strawberry anemones, purple encrusting algae, and yellow sponges cover the bottom. This is also a great spot to see a multitude of rockfish species. In the summer the kelp forest is magnificent and is home to many marine inhabitants. Depths reach 90 ft. (27 m.), however you don't need to go very deep to find a proliferation of life.


Hazards: Once again, current is the biggest risk here like all other sites in the area. Make sure to bring a knife in the summer as well to aid in releasing yourself from the kelp if need be.


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