West Coast Shootouts 2011

With the success of the inaugural West Coast Shootouts for 2010, Pacific Marine Imaging is proud to announce the continuation of this monthly attraction for 2011. Come and join us for some fantastic adventures exploring some old favourites as well some new and undiscovered diving locations. Each month we will be hosting one of these events, open to any adventurous soul who wants to dive new locations, learn about photography, get their picture taken, or just have some fun!

Adventure #5

Ogden Point Breakwater, Victoria BC

 West Coast Shootout #4 - Ogden Point Breakwater

Date: Wednesday May 25, 2011

Time: 8:30 pm

Diving the breakwater in Victoria can provide a captivating opportunity to catch a glimpse of some rare and unusual creatures especially on a night dive. One of those elusive animals is the Stubby Squid. Many divers have searched for these little marvels of nature and have come up from their dive disappointed. This time will not be the case. Come out for a great night of diving and see what the Ogden Point Breakwater is home to once the sun has set. 





West Coast Shootouts 2011

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West Coast Shootouts 2010