West Coast Shootout


Ogden Point Breakwater


I planned the second West Coast Shootout for the Ogden Point Breakwater and really wanted to showcase the marine life of this amazing dive site to everyone who came out. We were very lucky and had a warm, sunny day with light wind, which made for great conditions both above and below the water. I would like to thank everyone who came out, as once again, it was a great turn out. As a group we decided to trek down the breakwater to the second bend. Our goal was to find the resident Wolf eels and possibly get some images of them along with the numerous schooling rockfish that reside at the breakwater. After a warm walk we hit the water and within a couple of minutes we had found one of the wolf eels. Unfortunately for us, he was hiding in his den and there was no way to get any decent images. Not far from that Wolf eel, we came across a second one and found the same issue as this one was even further back in its den and getting images was impossible. There are times when these creatures are very inquisitive and playful and others when they want nothing to do with divers.

Our swim back from the second bend was filled with encounters with schools of Puget Sound and Yellowtail Rockfish, large Lingcod, and a juvenile Cabazon. We even came across an octopus hidden in the rocks around Flag 2! The most exciting find of the day was a Cabazon guarding a large clutch of beautiful purple eggs. Cabazons are known for their aggressive and territorial behavior, however this one was very protective of her eggs and would not budge from atop her rocky nest. This made for a great photographic opportunity, and having Ken provide some great modeling skills really helped create some awesome images.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came out for this West Coast Shootout and I am really looking forward to the next ones to come.





Additional Images from West Coast Shootout #2 - Link