Vancouver Island



The coastline of Vancouver Island is richly diverse, creating many different habitats and environments for marine life. The water is not much colder than the waters of northern California, permitting diving year round. Winter diving is popular, and in some respects even better than in the summer since the water temperature is only a degree or two lower and visibility is better with far less particulate matter in the water clouding visibility. Many of the dive areas are also more open and accessible in the winter as much of the bull kelp dies off, increasing visibility and easing navigation.

Vancouver Island has it all: walls, natural and artificial reefs, an assortment of shipwrecks, kelp forests, caves and stunning rock formations. From the wild west coast to the sheltered marine ecosystems of the Gulf Islands, exploring an ancient wreck or drifting along an infinite wall, you can experience the variety that every diver and underwater photographer dreams of.


Greater Victoria


Sidney & Saanich Inlet


Pacific Rim


Northern Gulf Islands

Southern Gulf Islands

Port Hardy & the North Island

Campbell River & Quadra Island

Nanaimo & the Central Island