Tyler Rock


Location: A pinnacle at the intersection of the Alberni Inlet and Trevor Channel.


Type: Boat Dive


GPS: 48 95.060 N -125 03.545 W


Above Water: There is nothing to distingish this dive site on the surface. To locate the top of the pinnacle, use your depth sounder and motor back and forth to find the best spot to drop in.


Underwater: The pinnacle rises from the depths to create a divable top portion about 150 m. (500 ft.) in diameter and about 12 m. (40 ft.) from the surface. This top section is covered with plenty of invertibrate life, as well as being inhabited by large schools of rockfish, Kelp Greenlings and Ratfish. Plumose Anemones and various sponges adorn the rocks and walls that make up the pinnacle. The pinnacle begins to drop off into a sandy bottom around the 27 m. (90 ft.) mark and continues downward into the depths bottoming out at around 90 m. (300 ft.). Over the years divers have come to this area hoping to have an encounter with the elusive Sixgill Shark. Sixgills have been spotted during the summer months around Tyler Rock and several other locations throughout Barkley Sound. 


Hazards: It is common to have a mild surface current at this site. Be aware, and either hold on to the decent line or drop down quickly to avoid missing the top of the pinnacle.



Tyler Rock Images