Ten Mile Point


Location: Just outside Victoria, north of Cadboro Bay. Once on Cadboro Bay road, go north to Sea View Road, and make a right. Then take a left on Tudor Ave. Follow Tudor to Baynes Road, which you follow to White Rock Street, which ends at a turnaround on the point.


Type: Shore and drift dive


GPS: 48° 27.4' N   123°15.9' W


Above Water: Once parked at the end of the road (this area only has enough space for 4 or 5 cars), you will have to climb down a rocky, slippery, jagged area to enter the water just past the blue fence on the left.  There are multiple exits after a drift dive at this site. One option is a path/boat ramp below one of the houses, and the second is a groundwater drainpipe on the rocks leading between two houses. Both options offer an easy exit. If you drift past the first two exit points, there is a small beach that is just a block from where you parked at the end of White Rock St.


Underwater: Ten Mile Point is probably the second most popular shore diving site in Victoria. This site is a photographer's paradise for macro photography. The point protrudes into Haro strait, and is exposed to the tidal current which sweeps nutrients through this passage. This is both the best and worst feature of Ten Mile Point as a dive site. The current facilitates the growth of a wonderful variety of creatures on the rocky wall. The wall is covered with filter feeders: both pulmose anemones and encrusting sponges cover the entire expance. There are also many rockfish, greenlings, cabezon, red Irish lords, as well as many other fish to be seen here.  As you descend past the initial kelp covered wall in about 40 ft. (15 m.) you will be on the top of the main wall. This wall bottoms out at 90 ft. (30 m.) and you will find a shell covered sandy bottom. There was an oyster processing plant originally built on this location and thousands of pounds of shells were dumped in to the water. This is even more evident at the exit points due to the shell reef you will ascend on.


Hazards: Current!!, This area is know for its tricky and unpredictable currents, so be sure to go with someone who has been there before. Dive on slack to learn the area and then if you're comfortable, do a drift dive. This is also a popular fishing spot, so watch for lines and carry a knife. When determining the currents in the book subtract 15 min. from the Race Passage time that is listed.


Note: Ten Mile Point is a marine ecological reserve - this is a no take area.


Ten Mile Point Images