Underwater Photography Techniques

Whether you're just beginning as underwater photographer, looking to improve or fine tuning your established skills, these underwater photography tutorials are an aid to provide practical underwater photography tips, requirements for equipment, and lighting techniques that can help you the next time your underwater.

Underwater photography can be incredibly rewarding, but it does come with nermous challenges. Once you understand the basic properties of light underwater, how to maximize the features on your camera, and the general approaches to composition, you will begin to create breathtaking underwater images.

This comprehensive guide is comprised of many tutorials to help you learn how to get the most out of your underwater photography. The majority of the information found throughout these pages is based on diving and creating underwater images in the cool waters of the Pacifc Nothwest.



Underwater Photography BasicsIn the beginning
  The only way to create great images is to have a handle on the basic elements of photography.



Wide Angle Underwater Photography             Macro Underwater Photography


Underwater Photography Lighting              Underwater Photography Composition


Digital Photography Workflow               Advanced Techniques for underwater Photography