Swordfish Island



Location: Situated just off of Vancouver Island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, 2 1/2 nautical miles southeast of Beacher Bay and 6 nautical miles southwest of Pedder Bay.


Type: Boat, cave, and drift dive


GPS: 48° 10' 18.64" N, 123° 42' 34.99" W


Above Water:  This small island is separated from Church Point by a narrow channel of water but is connected at low tide. The island is oval shaped with the tunnel located at the south end. If the tide is low enough you can see the top portion of the entrance. 



Underwater: Swimming around the island is very different from swimming through the tunnel. There is a large kelp forest at the northeast end of the island that runs the length of the island. The maximum depth along this side is 60-80 ft. (18-24 m.). There is a multitude of different marine species living amongst the kelp, and inhabiting the sandy bottom. The tunnel is about 15 ft. (3 m.) deep and 50 ft. (15 m.) long. The current runs through the tunnel creating an ideal spot for marnie life. This is a great spot to see red soft coral and basketstars. The entire length of the tunnel is covered with anemones, nudibranches and tunicates. Rockfish and gunnels are regular visitors as well as octopus.


Hazards: Current and the tunnel itself. It is very important to be properly trainned before entering any overhead environment. Please take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.



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