Steep Island


Location: A small island in Discovery Passage just off of Quadra Island, slightly north of Gowlland Island and south of the Copper Cliffs.

Type: Boat and drift dive.

GPS: 50.04.959'N 125.15.336' W

Above Water: Small rocky flat island with a few trees.

Underwater: This little island is absolutly SPECTACULAR!!! The great bouquets of purple featherduster worms at the north end of the island are just the appetizer for this one-of-a-kind wall. As you drift south leaving the tubeworms, the wall shallows, and during the summer months kelp grows quite thick along the wall becoming a haven for rockfish and other animals. The depth bottoms out at about 130 ft. (40 m.), but the amazing amount of life starts the moment you hit the water. This is not a single dive spot, get as many dives as you can in here! The mix of marine life is a photographer's dream: octopus and wolf-eels, nudibranches, small fish species, sponges, and millions of strawberry anemones. Dive it and love it. Experience it and cherish it.

Hazards: Current is once again the main focus. Watch your depth and the current flow because this is anther site that can have erractic currents.


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