Spring Bay


Location: Visible from Ten Mile Point, Spring Bay is essentially in the same area. From Cadboro Bay, go north on Cadboro Bay road to Sea View Road, and make a right. Follow Sea View until the end of the road you will find a large gravel parking lot.


Type: Shore dive


GPS: 48° 27.4' N   123° 16.1' W


Above Water: The parking area is quite large and a set of stairs allows for beach access to the small bay. The beach is rocky and covered with small smooth stones. These rocks are coated in green and brown algae which can be quite trecherous to walk on. Spring Bay is much better suited to beginner divers compared to Ten Mile Point.


Underwater: Spring Bay has much of the same life as Ten Mile, however the bottom topography is quite different. The bay is quite shallow with a sandy bottom lying under the large amount of large leaf kelp laying on the bottom. There are a series of shelves dropping about 10 feet for each one off to the left, but the majority of the diving is done in 30 - 50 ft. (10 - 15 m.) As a photographer, one of the attractions to this site is the presence of two unique fish species: the Pacific Clingfish and Marbled Snailfish. Both are master of camouflage, but are great finds if you happen to come across them. 


Hazards: Current, algae, kelp, poor visibility