Seymour Narrows


Location: Seymour Narrows is half way up Discovery Passage. It is 10 nautical miles north of Campbell River and Ripple Rock sits at its south entrance.


Type: Boat dive and drift dive.


GPS: 50° 08' 147", 125° 21' 594"


Above Water: This narrow passage is diveable anywhere along it. Current can roar through here reaching up to 16 knots on a flooding tide and up to 14 knots on an ebb. Seymour Narrow is big, deep and swift. It is one of the three fastest tidal streams in the world, along with Sechelt Rapids and Nakwakto Rapids.


Underwater: The walls of the narrows are covered with life. Vibrantly coloured anemones and sponges adorn the walls as these filter feeders thrive in this current rich enviroment. Sea lions are a common sight frolicking in the heavy currents and foraging for food. The walls are steep and plummet to great depths, maxing out at 360 ft. (110 m.)  with most of the life found between 40 - 60 ft. (12-18 m.) 


Hazards: Current and boat traffic. This is a major shipping channel, and it is incredibly important to dive with an operator who is familiar with this area. Be very mindful of where you surface.


Dive Operators

Abyssal Dive Charters

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