Row and Be Damned


Location: West side of Quadra Island, just south of Quathiaski Cove in Discovery Passage.


Type: Boat and drift dive.


GPS: Unavailable at this time.


Above Water: This is a locals site, and it is only marked by a small point. You need to go with someone who has been here before to enter in the right area.


Underwater: This site's name harkens back to a time when water travel was human powered rather than machine powered. The bottom is covered with large boulders, which are home to a number of many marine species. This is the spot for Quadra Island's signature species: the strawberry anemone. This little anemone carpets the bottom with a brillant shade of pink. This vibrant seascape also has a tremendous amount of yellow sponges intermingled with the anemones creating this Dr. Suess like wonderland. Row and Be Damned is known for its octopus encounters and creates an opportunity for photograpghers who stumble upon these magnificent creatures, to have an amazing backdrop to create breathtaking images.


Hazards: Once again, be mindful of the currents or your wonderland experience may not be as wonderfull as anticipated.


Dive Operators

Abyssal Dive Charters

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