Ogden Point Reef Balls

Marine Life Images


Sea Cucumber   Mosshead Warbonnet   Six Armed Sea Star   Quillback Rockfish

Hermit Crab   Kelp   Six Armed Sea Star   Brooding Anemone

Lingfin Sculpin   Snail   Longfin Gunnel   Snail   Kelp Crab and anemone

Manacled Sculpin   Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker   Sculpin   Snail

Kelp   Kelp   Kelp   Kelp

Kelp   Kelp   Kelp   Kelp growing on reef ball

Sulpin    Algae and Kelp    Lingcod   Longfin Sculpin

Egg mass on kelp    Kelp on the reef ball