Quillback Rockfish - Sebastes maliger

Quillback Rockfish - Sebastes maliger

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Quillback Rockfish (Sebastes maliger) are easily identified by its high dorsal fin with deep notches between the spines, large mouth and compressed body. Colouring is brown and yellow with orange-brown speckling on the lower back. The fins are dark, except for a yellow streak through the spiny dorsal fin. Quillback's grow up to 24 in. (60 cm) in length is and can live up to 95 years.

This species or rockfish is one of the most common in the Pacific Northwest and have a range from Southern California to the western Gulf of Alaska. These fish are non-schooling memebers of the rockfish family. Quillback's are solitary and prefer to dwell in rocky outcropings with boulder fields and crevices. These fish tend to hover just off the bottom and will dart for cover if disturbed. Quillbacks will often be found hinding in large cloud sponges or nessled inside boot sponges. They feed on benthic organisms, including brittle stars, chitons, and crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp. Quillbacks are most commonly found the subtidal range however they have been observed as deep as 275 m (900 ft.)

Quillback Rockfish slightly shy and reclusive rockfish than other members of the rockfish family. Unlike some other rockfish these fish tend to swim away when approached by photographers and divers making it more difficult to get a great shot. They are not as inquizative as China or Brown Rockfish. One way to cature a great image of Quilbacks is to find a Cloud or Boot Sponge. These fish love to hide in these various species of sponge and this is a great spot to get an image. they provide a great photographic oportunity. They present a great photographic opportunity and almost pose for an image. The colouration of the Quillback really lends itself to help produce a striking images if shot next to a viberent yellow cloud sponge.