Queen Charlotte Islands


The moody, misty islands of the Queen Charlotte archipelago (called Haida Gwaii by the Haida people) are 300 km (180 mi) long and located 100 km (60 mi) off the northwest coast of British Columbia. The two main islands: Graham Island in the north, and Moresby in the south, are divided by Skidegate Channel and separated from mainland BC by Hecate Strait. The islands have developed in isolation from the rest of the province, and as a result, the coastal rainforests, wetlands, sand dunes, beaches, rugged mountains, streams and lakes of the Queen Charlottes nurture an extensive population of plants and animals that exist nowhere else on earth. In fact, because so many unique life forms have developed here, the islands are referred to as Canada’s Galapagos, creating an endless opportunity to experience the unique wilderness of the Queen Charlotte Islands.