Pacific Marine Image Index
Conservation and Research
One of the mandates of Pacific Marine Imaging is to assist and photograph conservation and marine restoration projects around the Pacific Northwest. Promoting h... More Info
Vancouver Island & Puget Sound
The waters of the Pacific Northwest are filled with unique and intriguing life, and the diversity of it's fish species rivals that of any other part of the... More Info
Seals, Sea Lions and whales
Above and beyond any other experience in our oceans, an encounter with one of the worlds great marine mammals is a life altering experience. The majes... More Info
Pacific Octopus and Squid
No adventure beneath the sea is complete without an encounter with this charismatic denizen of the myth and lore. Nicknamed the "devilfish" by those w... More Info
Sharks, Rays and Skate
There are roughly seventeen to twenty species of sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras that inhabit the Pacific Northwest. These particular types of fish have an ... More Info
Many people know jellies and other gelatinous animals on as unidentifiable gooey blobs that wash up on a beach or float by in the water column. Jellies are ofte... More Info
Pacific Northwest Nudibranchs
Some of the most beautiful and diverse animals inhabiting the Pacific Northwest are the Opisthobranchs, or more commonly known as nudibranchs. There a... More Info