Mckenzie Byte


Location: Well sheltered dive sites on a stretch of shoreline just south of Brentwood Bay in the Mount Work Provincial Park area. Take Wallace Drive south from West Saanich Road, and turn left onto Willis Point Road. Follow Willis Point Road up through Mount Work Regional Park, and into Willis Point. At the T-intersection, turn left, and follow the road until the pavement ends.


Type: Shore dive.


GPS: 48° 33' 5", 123° 30' 3"


Above Water: There are four possible dive sites along the trail leading into Mount Work. The parking lot has a gate stopping any cars from entering the area. Please be courteous where you park, as this is a multi-use area. Each of the dive sites are only marked by well used trails leading to the water. Mckenzie #1 is the closest to the gate and about a 5 minute walk from the parking area; Mckenzie #2 and #3 are about 20 minutes down the trail and #4 is 30 minutes.


Underwater: The bottom contour is very similar to other dive sites in Saanich Inlet. You can find a large variety of invertebrates, including large cloud sponges. The fish life in the inlet is less dense than at other sites, but there is still a good variety: sculpins, gunnels, ling cod, flounders, and the occational wolf eel can be found swimming about. Sea lion encounters and the very rare Sixgill Shark sighting in the summer months make this a great dive site. Bottom depths range from 30 ft. (10 m.) all the way down to 350 ft. (105 m.)


Hazards: Very litte, except bad visibility throughout the year.