Henderson Point


Location: Located at the northern end of Brentwood Bay in Saanich Inlet. To get to Henderson Point, drive out onBlanshard St. and which turns into Hwy #17. Drive until you come to Mt. Newton X Rd., turn left onto Mt. Newton X Rd. Follow Mt. Newton X Rd. until you eventually reach West Saanich Road. Cross West Saanich onto Senanus Rd. Follow Senanus Rd. to the dead end, where there is a small parking lot.


Type: Shore dive.


GPS: 48° 35' 9", 123° 28' 8"


Above Water: Entry is down a path from the parking lot. A bit of a climb is necessary to get onto the beach. There is a wall to the right of the small bay, with a flagpole, which makes a very good surface reference.


Underwater: This site best shows the unique diving in the Saanich Inlet. Because the mouth of the inlet is shallower than the rest, much of the deeper waters get little circulation. Only the upper waters of the inlet are churned by the tides, and there is visible layering of the waters from top to bottom. Henderson Point has a series of shelves and reefs, each in a different layer of water and with a different series of species. The most common dive is to the three reefs that are off to the right from the beach entry. Take a compass bearing of 255 degrees to find the first shallow reef and work your way out from there. Each reef is deeper than the next as the bottom slopes downward. There are shallow shelves in 10 - 30 ft. (3 - 10 m.) of water both to the left and to the right of the entry. The maximum depth in this area reaches 400 ft. (120 m.) so be sure to watch your depth! The marine life is very diverse in Saanich Inlet, and Henderson Point is no exeption. Schools of perch and rockfish can be seen in the shallows and at depth. Many species of nudibranch and seastars live in the sand and on the kelp. In the summer months giant Lionsmane Jellyfish accend to the shallows to breed and lucky divers have even encountered the elusive Sixgill shark at this location.


Hazards: Boats, little else.