Gunnel Species Index

The gunnels are a family of fishes in the order Performs. There are 15 recognizable species of these elongated fishes native to the coasts of the northern Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. Gunnels are colourful little fish that strictly inhabit intertidal and sub tidal waters, and some species can even be found at low tide hidden amongst the rockweed waiting for the water to return. These fish can be a delight for divers and photographers alike due to their colour and unique markings.

 Penpoint Gunnel - Apodichthys flavidus
 Penpoint Gunnel -
 Apodichthys flavidus
 Crescent Gunnel - Pholis laeta
Crescent Gunnel -
 Pholis Iaeta
Saddleback Gunnel - Pholis ornata 
 Saddleback Gunnel -
 Pholis ornata
 Red Gunnel - Pholis schultzi
 Red Gunnel -
 Pholis scultzi
Longfin Gunnel - Pholis clemensi 
Longfin Gunnel -
 Pholis clemensi


Additional Pacific Northwest Gunnel Species

Rockweed Gunnel - Apodichthys fucorum