Deep Cove Wreck


Location: From Brentwood Bay take Wain Road west to Madrona Drive. Turn right onto Admirals Walk which will take you to the Deep Cove Marina. Continue along Admirals Walk to Setchel Road, turn right and follow the road to the small parking area.


Type: Shore and wreck dive


GPS: Unavailable at this time.


Above Water: There is very little to distinguish where the wreck is above water, as all of the floats used to mark the wreck have been removed or ripped up by storms. There are two entry points to reach the wreck: either from the dock at the marina, or from Setchel Point. Both require compass headings to determine the location of the wreck. If diving from the dock use a heading of 270o, and if diving from the point use 80o.


Underwater: The wreck itself rests on the sandy bottom in about 60 ft. (20 m.) of water just off of the marina dock. The history of this wreck is limited, but most people know it to be a railway barge that was being used as a breakwater for the marina before it sank due to poor weather conditions. The barge is mostly wooden with a steel bow, which is still intact. The majority of the mid section has collapsed and the wood is rotted. There are no points of penatration due to the poor condition of the wreck. Its is roughly 150 ft. (45 m.) long and 55 ft. (17 m.) wide. Parts and pieces of the barge can be found strewn about, especailly at the stern. The marine life inhabiting this area is very impressive: large schools of rockfish and perch, along with lingcod and other greenlings are all around. During the late spring, a huge biomass of hooded nudibranchs infest the entire area. This is a site to behold, and an amazing photo oportunity. 


Hazards: Boat traffic, bad visibility, the wreck itself