Copper Cliffs


Location: North of Campbell River on Quadra Island.

Type: Boat and drift dive.


GPS: 50.05.797'N 125.16.187'W


Above Water: 300 ft. (90 m.) vertical cliffs that are a nesting site for seabirds.


Underwater: The cliffs above water continue below, and drop to about 100 ft. (30 m.) where the incline lessens and the bottom is covered with boulders. This rocky slope is populated by a large garden of cloud sponges and strawberry anemones. The wall itself is also covered with a huge variety of sponges, invertebrates and cup corals. Schooling rockfish, greenlings, and lingcod inhabit the cracks and crevasses along the wall.


Hazards: This is a current dependant area like most others on Quadra Island. It is very important to go with someone who knows  what they are doing, and is familiar with the area. The currents can be very erratic at times causing the flow to move radically in opposite directions at different depths. This is also a popular area for fishing, so be mindfull to ascend close to the wall to avoid any incidents with other boats.


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