Browning Pass Mini Wall


Location: The Browning Pass mini wall is located just north of Seven Tree Island on Island in Browning Pass. 


Type: Boat, drift dive




Above Water: This dive spot is not marked in any way above water, however a good charter operator will be able to drop divers at the beginning of the wall.


Underwater: This is an amazing little wall. The only differnece between the acual Browning Wall and this one is that this wall is only about 300 ft. (100 m.) wide. The life that is growing on this little expance is extrodinary all that exists at Browing Wall exists here. Beautiful orange and purple sponges, red and pink soft corals, finger sponges, a mirriade of rockfish species and sculpins. The wall starts right at the tide line and desends down to 120 ft. (36 m.) and is nearly vertical with some small over hangs. On either side of this marine incrusted wall is areas that lack the typical sponge growth and colour that Browing Pass is famous for however these area are home to multiple nudibranch species, more rockfish and large kelp forests. The kelp forests during the summer months act a nurseries for many fish species.


Hazards: Current, depth and boat traffic.