Brotchie Ledge - Wreck of the San Pedro


Location:  At the south entrance of the Victoria Inner Harbour, just to the left of the Ogden Point Breakwater


Type: Boat, wreck, and drift dive


GPS: 48° 10' 24.4", 123° 42' 23.2"


History: The San Pedro was a 330 ft. (100 m.) long coal carrier built in 1882. In 1891 she ran aground on Brotchie Ledge when the tide was out, putting two holes in her hull, and subsquently sinking. Several attempts to salvage the ship were unsuccessful. The ship was deemed an eye sore due to the fact that it was not completely submerged and a company was hired to deal with this issue. The ship was blown up and the remaining parts were salvaged. This area also served as the Victoria garbage dump for a number of years, making it a great location to find bottles, china, and other relics of the past.





Above Water: This area is marked by a large light marker just off of the Ogden Point Breakwater.  

Underwater: The wreck lies about 30 ft. (10 m.) north of the marker, running east to west right in the middle of the kelp forest in about 30 ft. (10 m.) of water. From the pieces remaining of the wreck, the most obvious is the bottom section of the hull. The reef that surounds the light marker and wreck bottoms out at about 70 ft. (21 m.) Lingcod, rockfish and greenlings have all taken up residence in and around the wreck.


Hazards: Current and boat traffic: this is a live boat dive. The current can be unpredictable it is possible to be blown out into the straight.  



Indepth history of Brotchie Ledge:

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