Xihwu Boeing 737 Artificial Reef


Boweing 737 8arm artificial reef

Image provided by: Divebc.com


Location: Stuart Channel, Chemainus

Type: Boat and wreck dive.


GPS: +48o 56.142' N, 123o 43.130' W

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History: Sunk January 14, 2006, the "Xihwu" (pronounced key' quot) Boeing 737 was placed into the waters off Chemainus, to become another amazing piece in British Columbia's great collection of artificial reefs. Approximately 180 boats came out for the sinking including a B.C. ferry and hundreds of people watched from the shore. The name Xihwu Reef was given to this site out of respect for the Red Sea Urchin, which lived in abundance in this area in the past, and which was at one time a significant food source as well as spiritual creature to the Hul'qumi'num Mustimuhw people. Many of the marine creatures in this area have had their numbers dwindle significantly over the last 100 years from pollution especially sewage, industrial effluent, and forest industry waste. Over-fishing and bottom-dragging have also seriously affected the habitat. It is hoped that the habitat created by this artificial reef will increase the opportunity for the return the Red Sea Urchin and other significant creatures to this area.


Above Water: Surface markers attched to the place allow divers to decend directly onto the plane


Underwater: This unique artificial reef is 100 ft. (30 m.) in length and rests on 11 foot pedestals, with the depth below the nose at 70 ft. (21 m.) and below tail at 120 ft. (36 m.) The passenger compartment sits at 70 ft. (21 m.) and top of tail at 35 ft. (11 m.) The cockpit, passenger areas and luggage compartments are all accessible.


Hazards: Boat traffic and overhead environment.



BC Artificial Reef Society: www.artificialreef.bc.ca/OurReefs

Passanger List aka "Critter List": www.divemaster.ca/andyboeing


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