Nobody said this would be easy. Diving into the sometimes murky waters of the Pacific Northwest can tingle every sense for those who wish to indulge. The waters are chilly and at times unforgiving. You have to want to venture where few have been. The life beneath the surface is in most cases unique to only this part of our beautiful planet. As an underwater photographer, this is why you cannot leave the house without your camera, or your backup camera. There is a fundamental rule in adventure: you travel, therefore you shoot.
Scott grew up on Vancouver Island always close to the ocean. His passion for the ocean was ingrained into him at a very early age. His diving career started later in life but quickly consumed his time. He has thousands of dives, mostly in the temperate water of the Pacific Northwest. Scott has indulged his urges to travel and see the wonders of the world's oceans but has always returned home to the emerald sea. 
Scott rarely dives without a camera. Experiencing life as a recreational scuba instructor and photojournalist has honed his skills and increased his desires to provide people with a life changing experience. was created to showcase Pacific Northwest marine life and give divers and non-divers alike a resource to experience an appreciation of the ocean.

Scott is available for photographic assignments.

Scott diving with Sea Lions at Race RocksScott swimming though HMCS McKenzie

Photography credits:

Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, In-Flight Magazine, Air Canada, The Canadian Press, The Ogden Point Society, West Shore Magazine, Time Colonist