Oceans contain habitats as different from one another as rainforests are from deserts. From coastlines to the deepest ocean trenches there lives a vast array of marine life - some rare, some bizarre, some astonishingly beautiful. The Pacific Northwest, especially Vancouver Island, and the coast of British Columbia is one of the richest and most diverse areas on earth. A guilty pleasure of sorts. It is home to thousands of plants and animals both above and below the shoreline. Visitors are awestruck by the pristine beauty of the coastline and mountain ranges.

The images, photography, tutorials, and diving information found throughout this website are to help promote the education, understanding, and conservation of the marine environment and its inhabitants in the Pacific Northwest. 

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The cool pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean splashing the shores of British Columbia, provides a home for the greatest diversity of marine life in North America. Marvelous visibility, intriguing shipwrecks, incredible corals and creatures make the waters around B.C. an underwater paradise for aquatic adventurers.

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The marine images represented here are the culmination of many years of work and effort of the photographer. Under no circumstances may any of these photographs be downloaded or used in any way without the expressed permission of the photographer.

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Scott Stevenson is a freelance underwater photographer living in Victoria BC. He created 8arm.com to be one of the largest sources of photos, photography information and diving for the Pacific Northwest on the Internet.